YAY! Your photos should now be ready for viewing.

Here are a couple of quick tips for easily navigating our site.

1. Galleries are listed in DATE order. Once a wedding has been loaded, the Engagement session from that couple is moved to the Wedding gallery.

2. For digital download of your entire album: It was included in the initial email you received notifying you that your images were complete. However, the link is only active for two weeks. If you need a new link, please email me [chloe@thechloeaustin.com] and I will resend a link. :)

3. When ordering prints, make sure you take advantage of the promo code within the first two weeks of your gallery being live.

4. To download a single photo, click on the photo itself then in the lower right there will be a button to view different size photos [Small, Medium, Large, etc.] Simply select the best size for your needs, right click, and save.

If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch with me. :)


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